SIAM SHADENo! Marionette
You are the shed! ねぇ ちょっと聞いてくれ angel ヤケに近頃身勝手な事ばかり言うんだ ヤツら何時でもそうさ 頼む時は親密な顔で 用が済んだら済んだで すんなり変わっちまうのさ だから泣いてnineteen ninety-eight暮らしてる This time's bad time’s (F××k out!) 初めから守れなさそうな約束ならするなよ 苦し紛れに その場凌ぎの言葉で誤魔化し続けてる Faithless Man いつになったら首都高(このみち)料金いらなくなるんだ ホント官僚主義的な国だぜ 逆らえば頑丈な手錠(ブレスレット) 止められないgrieving sky 降りしきる雨に撃たれ踊るよ dancing in the rain とめどなく 今も 迷い出すLost my heart ただ繰り返す endless sigh このままじゃclose my light 目を伏せてしまう 忘れないでくれ 熱い眼差しを 受け止めて この想い その胸で 変えられない grieving sky 大粒の(あめ)に濡れて踊るよ dancing in the rain とまどいは捨てて 走り出せgo my way すべてを失っても 夕映えに染まるガラスケースの中 この声を少しでも届けたくて叫んでる 壊れかけのMarionette… This time's Bad time's (Break this time) No! Marionette This time's Bad time's (So you’re the shed) Break! Marionette
English Translation
You are the shed! Hey, listen for a minute angel Lately saying awfully self-centered stuff, those guys are always the same Showing a friendly face when asking And just as their business is finished they change with no delay So cry, living in nineteen ninety-eight This time's bad time's (Fuck out!) Don't make promises if you can't keep them in the first place A faithless man Desperately continues deceiving with evasive words When does this road stop requiring a fare? What a bureaucratic country this is — if you oppose you get a sturdy bracelet Unstoppable grieving sky I dance, being beaten by the pouring rain — dancing in the rain Endlessly, even now, losing my way — lost my heart Just repeating an endless sigh I close my light just like this, I lower my eyes Please don't forget, the passionate look in my eyes Catch it and these feelings with your heart Unchangeable grieving sky I dance, as I get wet by large drops of rain — dancing in the rain Throw away confusion and start to run, go my way, even if you lose everything Inside a glass case colored by the evening glow Wishing his voice would reach even just a little farther, shouts A marionette about to fall apart... This time's Bad time's (Break this time) No! Marionette This time's Bad time's (So you're the shed) Break! Marionette