気が狂いそうだぜ Every Day キスも好きなんだけど隙が無い 早過ぎる風の流れに 追いつくだけの日が暮れて行く この町を時には離れて 夢追いがちになっているけど ただその微笑みに触れたいだけ 誇らしいものを見せたいだけ 止まらないEmotion (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) 飾らない愛で絶え間なく (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) さりげなく あたたかく とめどなく抱きとめたい 限られたこの時間を 少しでも遠回りをして 繋ぎ止めたい Never End Why don’t you know in my head? 透かして見えりゃ簡単な恋 投げ出してしまえば どんなに楽な気持ちになれるだろう でも嫌いになれないそのすべて 誇らしい君が憎らしくて どう仕様もないEmotion (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) 叫びたいくらい愛しても (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) それとなく なんとなく どことなく届かなくて 途方に暮れる瞬間が 君への想いを焼き付ける 今よりもっと Never End (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) 飾らない愛で絶え間なく (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) 憧れも 黄昏も 汚れのない君の為に 二度と無いこの時間を 少しでも長く二人で 刻んでいたい Never End (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) せつない想いを この胸に (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) つがえた愛の矢で すべて君に伝えたい 燃え上がる心の()が 風を越え突き刺さる様に 走り続ける Never End
English Translation
It's driving me crazy every day I do like kissing but there just isn't an opportunity The days are ending just trying to catch the wind blowing too fast I occasionally tend to get away from this city and chase after dreams I merely want to touch that smile I just want to show you the things I'm proud of, unstoppable emotion (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) Continuously with an unadorned love (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) Nonchalantly, warmly, endlessly I want you catch you in my arms I want to detour this limited time, if only a little And make your love mine, Never End Why don't you know in my head? When looked closely it's simple love If I completely gave up, I might feel much much better But I can't make myself hate anything in you I wish you weren't so perfect, just can't help the emotion (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) Though I love you so much that it makes me want to scream (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) As if accidentaly, somehow, for some reason it doesn't reach you A bewildering moment sears my feelings for you Even more than before, Never End (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) Continuously with an unadorned love (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) Longing and twilight for the sake of you who are pure of taint This time that won't come again, if only a little longer I want to etch it in our minds, Never End (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) The painful feelings in my heart (DRIVIN' EMOTION!) I want to tell you everything with the arrow of love ready to be shot The fire that flared up in my heart exceeds the wind as if piercing through it I keep on running Never End