LORELEIMoon Desert
銀の月が溶けて砂上に降り注ぐ 硝子の盃で雫をくみ交す 遥か東へと向かう足をふと休めて 今宵駱駝の背中で月の魔術に酔え 乾いた風が運ぶ異国の青い闇 瑠璃の素肌の様な夜空を身に纏え 深く砂に身を隠す砂獣の歌を聴く 今宵一夜の幻月の魔術に酔え おお 踊れ かげろうの様に回れ 七色の夢を見て 夜が明けるまで 七色の砂の上 うかれさまよう Moon Desert 一夜の夢 Moon Desert 光の波
English Translation
The silver moon melts and rains over the sand We drink the drops with cups of glass Casually resting our feet on the journey to east far away Tonight — on the back of a camel — we get drunk on the magic of the moon The dry wind carries the blue dark of foreign lands Clad in the night sky that is like naked lapis lazuli We listen to the singing of the sand beasts that hide deep in the sand Tonight — a one night phantasm — we get drunk on the magic of the moon Oh, dance, spin like a heat haze Dreaming rainbow dreams until the break of dawn On the rainbow sand we wander in euphoria Moon Desert, dream of night Moon Desert, waves of light