This is a comparison of the stories of Double Dragon II - The Revenge (NES/Famicom).
 19XX年・・・。 核戦争後のニューヨークは暴力によって支配されていた。
人は彼らを「ダブル ドラゴン」と呼んだ。
その宿敵との戦いは代々続いてきたことであり 戦い合うことは運命なのだ。

MISSION 1 -敵のアジトへ-
The year 19XX.... After the nuclear war, New York was ruled by violence.
The crime syndicate which was growing bigger year by year was easily destroyed by two young men.
Their names were Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee.
People called them the Double Dragons.
But even they had a longtime enemy.
It was their destiny to fight, and their battle had continued for generations.
Then one day, Billy's girlfriend Marian was killed by that man....

The rage of the Double Dragons was now focused on their old enemy.
MISSION 1 -To the enemy's hideout-
In 19XX....
Violence ruled the streets of New York City after the nuclear war.
Even with the crime syndicates growing bigger every year, two young men were brave enough to challenge them.
While their names were Billy and Jimmy Lee...
...people called them the Double Dragons!
And yet, the Dragons had one terrible enemy.
To fight against him was the destiny and fate of the Double Dragons.
One day, Shadow Warriors attacked the city and Billy's girlfriend, Marian, was killed.

The Double Dragons swore to avenge her death!
Let's go Double Dragons!
MISSION 1- Into the turf
「やつら あのヘリで逃げようってわけだな・・・ そうはさせるかっ!!」
MISSION 2 -ヘリポート-
"So they're going to escape with that helicopter... We'll stop them!!"
MISSION 2 -Heliport-
"They're escaping in that chopper.
You'll never make it!"
MISSION 2- At the heliport

MISSION 3 -ヘリ内での戦い-
"You're not leaving without us!!"

The helicopter took off into the neon-filled night sky.
MISSION 3 -The battle inside the helicopter-
"Hold it!"
"You'll never escape from us!"

The chopper escaped into the neon-filled night.
MISSION 3- Battle in the chopper.
MISSION 4 -海底基地-
The helicopter lands on a mysterious island.
MISSION 4 -Undersea base-
The chopper is landing on a mysterious island.
MISSION 4- Undersea base.
「とにかく 進むしかないようだな たとえこの道が死の道でも・・・」
MISSION 5 -死神の森-
"Where does this path lead...?"
"Looks like we've got no choice but to follow it, even if it leads us to our deaths..."
MISSION 5 -Forest of Death-
"Where does this path lead us?
We've got no choice but to go on, though this is the way to certain death."
MISSION 5- Forest of Death.
MISSION 6 -悪魔の館-
"Wh- What is this place!?"
An evil atmosphere surrounds them.
MISSION 6 -Devil Mansion-
"Where in the world are we?"
There is evil in the air.
MISSION 6- Mansion of terror.

「いや そんなはずはない・・・ しかし何かいやな予感がするぜっ。」
MISSION 7 -罠の部屋-
Danger lies ahead...

"Was that Ma- Marian's voice just now!?"
"No, that's impossible... But I sure do have a bad feeling about this."
MISSION 7 -Trap room-
From here on it's too dangerous!

"I think I heard Ma...Marian's voice. That's impossible, or is it?"
MISSION 7- Trap room
MISSION 8 -幻影-
"Hey! Where is your boss!!"
"Ha ha ha. You won't stand a chance against him. Before facing him you will be killed by yourselves."
MISSION 8 -Illusion-
"O.K. goons, Where's your slime ball boss hiding?!"
"Ha...Ha...Ha... You'll never defeat our boss. You'll only destroy yourselves."
MISSION 8- The double illusion

MISSION 9 -対決-
"N- no way... It can't be..."

"Ma- Marian..."
MISSION 9 -Showdown-
"It's impossible... It can't be her!"

"Ma... Marian?"
MISSION 9- Final confrontation?
「俺の拳法とお前らの拳法との間で繰り返されてきた長い戦いに決着をつける時が来たのだ。俺の幻影を破らなければお前らに勝ち目はないぞ。さあ かかってこい!」

「俺は負ける訳にはいかないんだ!覚悟しろ 格闘家!!」
"The time has come to put an end to the long battle that has been going on between our fighting styles. You must defeat my illusions to stand a chance. Come on!"

"I can't afford to lose! Prepare yourself, martial artist!!"
Go! Billy Lee!
"This is the end of the line, Double Dragons. You are no match for me or my illusions. Let's go!"

"I can't be beaten in my revenge for Marian. Get ready Shadow Warrior!"
Go Billy Lee!
「ついに長い戦いも終わる時が来ただな・・・ 最後に我が拳法に残る古い言い伝えを教えてやろう・・・ 幻影が広がれば悪魔は蘇り 2匹の龍が天を翔る時 天使は舞い降りる・・・ 暴力という悪魔は私と共に消える・・・ さらばだ ダブル・ドラゴン・・・」
謎の格闘家は死んだ。格闘家が最後に言った言葉は何を意味するものだったのだろうか・・・? とにかく ビリーとジミーの復讐は終わったのだ。
「2匹の龍が天を翔る時 天使は舞い降りる・・・」
その夜 宿命の対決に勝ったダブル・ドラゴンのもとに天使は舞い降りた。
"Finally our long battle has come to an end... As my last words I'll tell you the old legend that has been passed on in my style... Once the illusions spread, the devil will resurrect / When two dragons soar through the sky, an angel will descend... The devil that is violence will disappear with me... Farewell Double Dragons..."
The mysterious martial artist died. What could his last words have meant...? In any case, Billy's and Jimmy's revenge was over.
"When two dragons soar through the sky, an angel will descend..."
That night, an angel descended for the Double Dragons who had defeated their old enemy.
"It appears our battle is finally over. But, I will leave you with the legend of the shadow.... 'If the illusion spreads, the evil will live again. But if two dragons soar through the sky, an angel will fall to the earth."
"Soon... I will die and you will join me. Farewell Double Dragons. Ha,ha,ha!"
The mysterious warrior died, leaving no clue to what his last words meant. But, Billy and Jimmy felt their revenge was complete... At least for now...
"When two dragons soar through the sky, an angel will fall to the earth..."
That night an angel descended from the heavens and returned Marian to the Double Dragons alive and well.