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Homepage: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/yh/
Entertainment information show with Yaguchi Mari(ex-Morning Musume.) and Gekidan Hitori(comedian).


Yaguchi Mari Photo
Yaguchi Mari
Birth date: 20th January 1983
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood type: A
Hobbies: manga, videogames
Special skills: slanted writing, can make a heart-shape with her mouth, can fit into a locker
"First time as an MC as of "Yaguchi Hitori"! As a matter of fact, Yaguchi likes movies very much. She doesn't lose to the entertainment-otaku Gekidan Hitori in the number of movies seen. What kind of entertainment she is interested in, is currently wanted information!"
Gekidan Hitori
Real name: 川島省吾
Character name: 茨城のヤンキー春樹 - "yankee"(delinquent) Haruki from Ibaraki. Based on a person he met when attending a training school in Ibaraki.
Birth date: 2nd February 1977
Birthplace: Chiba
Blood type: A
Hobbies: PC, folk guitar, private study books, watching movies
Special skills: PC, brain-teasers
"A very global comedian who has spent time in America in his early years. He is an entertainment-otaku who says he watches over 100 foreign movies throughout the year! Can also interview Hollywood's big shots without an interpreter when they visit Japan!?"
Gekidan Hitori Photo


#0 (22.09.2004)
Info Yaguchi Hitori new show press conference footage in the tv shows やじうまプラス and ワイド!スクランブル.
#1 (05.10.2004)
Info When Yaguchi is about to start the show, Haruki(Gekidan Hitori) shows up and insists that this is his show and Yaguchi is just an assistant.
They talk about their favorite scenes in "Love Actually", and about their (lack of) knowledge in history.
Yaguchi says that she plays Sangokumusou and Sengokumusou every night but just the fighting parts, skipping over the stories.

Recommended entertainment:
"Any helpful entertainment to make a girfriend's birthday into a most exciting one?"
Yaguchi: Love Actually
Haruki: Pretty Woman
"I'm poor at history. Is there entertainment to help get rid of history-hating?"
Yaguchi: 戦国無双 (PS2 game)
Haruki: Troy
#2 (12.10.2004)
Info As Yaguchi is starting the show alone again, Haruki shows up and does his 'imitation' of Chow Yun-Fat.
Yaguchi and Haruki talk about how they like dogs more than cats. Yaguchi recommends the movie 'Babe' which makes Haruki hungry.
The Izaki brothers enter and talk about the training for the movie 'Devilman'. Then Yaguchi and Haruki recommend some movies.
After that they discuss about bowling and Yaguchi, Izaki Yuusuke and Haruki show their bowling styles.

Is it just me or does this episode seem a bit weird? On the homepage Haruki supposedly recommended 南極物語 although in the show he recommended Catwoman and Matrix. Also there is a "after the CM" part that says "Yaguchi's reaction to what the Izaki brothers said that scared Haruki", but nothing like that happens after that. Though they apparently talk about that at the end of the show....

伊崎右典 [Devilman]
伊崎央登 [Devilman]

Recommended entertainment:
"Entertainment to help brothers get along?"
Yaguchi: Brotherhood
Haruki: Top Gun
"I just can't make myself like the cat that my girlfriend picked up. Is there entertainment that makes you love animals?"
Yaguchi: Babe
Haruki: 南極物語
#3 (19.10.2004)
Info Yaguchi is starting the show alone again. Haruki shows up again. After the intro Gekidan Hitori forgets that he was supposed to be in a character(Haruki). They talk about dreams; Haruki's dream is national supremacy and Yaguchi would like to get married by the age 25. For the man dreaming of becoming a musician, Haruki recommends swithcing to boxing.
On the topic of hairstyles Haruki brings up shaving the hair on the earlobe... Yaguchi and Haruki don't reach an agreement on what hairstyles to recommend so Haruki ends up recommending plastic surgery.
After that Haruki asks Yaguchi about what hairstyles she likes on men. Turns out that Haruki's regent style isn't actually Yaguchi's favorite.

Recommended entertainment:
"I'm still aiming to be a musician though I've passed 30. I'm shaken because I've been told I have no talent. Is there entertainment that could cheer me up?"
Yaguchi: School of Rock
Haruki: Rocky
"Failure at an image change. What kind of hairstyles do boys like? Tell me actresses that can be of reference."
Yaguchi: Charlie's Angels
Haruki: G.I. Jane
#4 (26.10.2004)
Info A viewer has send a postcard asking just who is Haruki/Gekidan Hitori. Hitori gives a short self-introduction. On the topic of making friends Haruki reveals that he doesn't have any close friends.
Yaguchi says that she's a real Crayon Shin-chan fan, so Haruki dares that she can also draw Shin-chan. Haruki and Yaguchi have a contest on which one can draw a better Shin-chan. They also compete drawing Ryoutsu Kankichi in which Haruki is good at.
At the end they play body-switching which doesn't go that well.

Recommended entertainment:
"I'm troubled because I can't make friends. Is there entertainment that could show how to make friends easily?"
Yaguchi: クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ!夕陽のカスカベボーイズ
Haruki: Cast Away
"My father is against my dream of becoming a dancer. Is there any helpful entertainment to make him understand my dream?"
Yaguchi: リトル・ダンサー (aka Billy Elliot)
Haruki: 転校生
#5 (02.11.2004)
Info A member of the staff has sent a postcard complaining that a sign he created isn't being used in the show.
Haruki tells Yaguchi that he likes woman with short-tempered and boyish women. Haruki describes the type of woman he likes and Yaguchi says that she might be a bit like that. Haruki says that his heart is really easy to win over, but Yaguchi soon returns the topic back to entertainment.
Haruki asks Yaguchi when was the last time she got mad. Yaguchi revels that it was when she found out how expensive her hotel's room service was.
When asked what was the last time Haruki made someone mad, he remembers fighting with his parents and crying, which was half a year ago.
Yaguchi and Haruki have a competition who writes a better introduction for a movie.

Recommended entertainment:
"I want to change the personality of my hot-tempered girlfriend."
Yaguchi: 天使にラブソングを・・・ (aka Sister Act)
Haruki: 猟奇的な彼女 (aka My Sassy Girl)
"I read movie introductions in magazines, but I don't quite feel like going...."
Yaguchi: Titanic
Haruki: Jurassic Park
#6 (09.11.2004)
Info Yaguchi and Haruki take part in the "Entertainment Rescue promotion exam" which consists of one question.
Yaguchi talks about being short. Then Haruki asks which would be better 1cm or 1km. Haruki seems to like taller women and be unexpectedly girly.
Haruki worries about being perfect and asks viewers to find a weakness in him.
The guest Kinohachi improvises image songs for Yaguchi and Haruki.

き乃はち (Shakuhachi player)

Recommended entertainment:
"I have a complex of my tallness. Is there entertainment to get rid of the complex?"
Yaguchi: ミクロキッズ (aka Honey, I Shrunk The Kids)
Haruki: Roman Holiday
"As a shakuhachi player I am not at all popular with women... What to do to become popular?"
Yaguchi: Drumline
Haruki: Desperado
#7 (16.11.2004)
Info On the subject of how to get energy to work, Haruki recommends self-development books. He also tells that he really tends to believe in fortune-telling. For getting motivation Haruki also suggests making a "guts pose" though nothing special has happened.
For the person troubled on not finding inspiration Haruki suggests a composition mehod of choosing two keywords randomly and then improvising a song on that title.
For demonstration Haruki improvises the songs "Even though I want to hate, I can't - daikon salad salaji" and "Shaggy Receipt", of which the latter proves to be impossible.
Haruki then asks the viewers to send their "Shaggy Receipt" songs for them to hear.

Recommended entertainment:
"I am a salaryman working at a architecture company. The days are monotonous and I have no energy to work. Is there entertainment that could give me energy to work?"
Yaguchi: 星砂の島、私の島 ~アイランド・ドリーミン~
Haruki: 男はつらいよ シリーズ 49本
#8 (23.11.2004)
Info The results for Haruki's weakness are revealed.
Haruki interviewes a Hollywood star Jude Law without an interpreter. The interview went so-so(?). He asks a signature from Jude Law and tries to fool Yaguchi with a fake one.
The guest Thmlues demonstrate their "Thmlues-calligraphy" to Yaguchi and Haruki. Later Yaguchi and Haruki try it too.

Hollywood Star interview by Haruki:
Jude Law [Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow]

#9 (30.11.2004)
Info A viewer has sent a "Shaggy Receipt" song and the two listen to it. There's also a real life shaggy receipt included in the package.
Haruki teaches Yaguchi various gestures that are supposed to make one look like an adult woman.
Haruki interviews his "father" Tom Hanks who proves to be not that easy to deal with. At the end Haruki has to rely on the help of an interpreter.
Yaguchi and Haruki show their impromptu composition method to the guest Gymnopedie. Haruki improvises the song "Dizzy Alarm Clock".

Interview by Haruki:
Robert Zemeckis [The Polar Express]

Hollywood Star interview by Haruki:
Tom Hanks [The Polar Express]


Recommended entertainment:
"Teach me gestures to make me look like an adult woman."
Yaguchi: Mask
Haruki: 007 / Dr. No
#10 (07.12.2004)
Info Haruki suddenly starts doing imitations for no particular reason.
On the subject of forbidden love, Yaguchi recommends the movie "Romeo+Juliet". Haruki comments that the ending of Romeo and Juliet is like a sketch that Un-jash could make.
The guest Paku Romi teaches Yaguchi how to speak in a male voice. She also does "live-dubbing" for the two and other things that they request. The three try to fit a voice to the character that Yaguchi drew in a previous episode.

朴 璐美 (Voice Actress) [Fullmetal Alchemist]

Recommended entertainment:
"Forbidden love. I have fallen in love with a teacher. What should I do?"
Yaguchi: Romeo + Juliet
Haruki: シュリ (aka Swiri/Shiri)
#11 (14.12.2004)
Info Haruki tells that he has finally learned to hypnotise. The effects are so-so(?).
Haruki's interview with Stephen Chow goes pretty smoothly. Once again Yaguchi has to choose which she thinks is the real one of the two signatures.
The two tell which actors they like. Then they have 'The 1st "Tasteful acting" Contest'. The topics are "you've got a good idea", "double take", "double take (american comedy version)" and "you're offering incence at a funeral and when you look at the picture of the deceased, it's a complete stranger".

Interview by Haruki:
Stephen Chow [Kung Fu Hustle]

Recommended entertainment:
"What kind of acting does 'tasteful acting' refer to?"
Yaguchi: フォー・ウェディング (aka Four Weddings and a Funeral) [Hugh Grant]
Haruki: Philadelphia [Tom Hanks]
#12 - 1h Film Festival 2004 SP (21.12.2004)
Info Animal Award:
Yaguchi: Finding Nemo
Haruki: Seabiscuit
Kiss Award:
Yaguchi: シティ・オブ・エンジェル (aka City of Angels)
Haruki: 恋しくて (aka Some Kind of Wonderful)
Entertainer Award:
Yaguchi: Coyote Ugly
Haruki: Chicago
Healing Award:
Yaguchi: Casper
Haruki: あじさいの唄 第壱巻~うすあさぎ~
Slap Award:
Yaguchi: Fight Club
Haruki: 猟奇的な彼女 (aka My Sassy Girl)
#13 (04.01.2005)
Info Recap episode with parts from older episodes and also unbroadcasted material.
Resolutions for the year 2005.

The official homepage doesn't seem to count this episode... as an episode.
#14 (11.01.2005)
Info Guest:
真島茂樹 (Dancer / Choreographer)

Recommended entertainment:
"I am a choreographer and when I get an idea I start dancing no matter where I am."
マツケンサンバⅡ 振り付け完全マニュアル
"I am French and this is my first year in Japan. The kanji characters are difficult, so when I watch movies I don't understand the contents because I can't read the subtitles."
A movie that you can enjoy also without being able to read the subtitles, recommended by Yaguchi Mari: The Nightmare Before Christmas
#15 (18.01.2005)
Info Guest:
すぎやまこういち (Composer)

Guess the Fake Book -game

Recommended entertainment:
"How to figure out which books are interesting?"
Yaguchi: いま、会いにゆきます
Haruki: リンダリンダラバーソウル
Haruki: The 霊柩車 日本人の創造力が生んだ傑作
"Have there been any interesting videogames lately?"
オリジナル・サウンドトラック 「ドラゴンクエストVIII」空と海と大地と呪われし姫君 (Dragon Quest VIII OST) (though the program homepage does say DQ VII...)
#16 (25.01.2005)
Info Guest:

"I wan't to feel like being a student once again!"
Haruki's short skit.
"We can't get a good harmony in karaoke. How to get a perfect harmony?"
Singing in harmony practice with bless4.
#17 (01.02.2005)
Info Hollywood star interview:
Yaguchi Mari's 'Win against Haruki'-series part I: Nicholas Cage [National Treasure]

Which one is the treasure!?-game to decide who gets Nicholas Cage's autograph.

Win against Haruki: Yaguchi's fake-book game.
#18 (08.02.2005)
Info Guest:

Disjoined Picturecard Show - Arbitrary Story! -game.

Recommended entertainment:
"There have been a lot of movies lately where you can guess what is going to happen. Tell me a movie that has an surprising storyline."
Haruki: ホワイト・ライズ (aka Wicker Park)
Yaguchi: The Life of David Gale
#19 (15.02.2005)
Info Guests:
神原泰三 (Human health research society chairman)
井上麻里奈 (Voice actor / Singer)

Recommended entertainment:
"Currently I'm going through something unpleasant and I'm downhearted. Please tell me entertainment to make me laugh to my heart's content."
Haruki: Liar Liar
"I would like to try goth-loli fashion, but I pretty much can't because people think of me as boyish. Any good advices?"
#20 (22.02.2005)
Info Guest:

Recommended entertainment:
"Any good confrontation ways I could settle things with my rival?"
Yaguchi: カンフーハッスル (aka Gong fu)
Haruki: シュリ (aka Swiri/Shiri)
#21 (01.03.2005)
Info Guest:
ロドリゲス井之介 (Manga Artist)

Recommended entertainment:
"Helpful entertainment to a person who is deciding which car to buy?"
Yaguchi: Driven
Haruki: ブロンクス物語/愛につつまれた街 (aka A Bronx Tale)
#22 (08.03.2005)
Info Guest:
宮西希 (Koto artist)

Recommended entertainment:
"Please tell me a cool way to make a confession."
Yaguchi: 砂時計 (Manga)
Haruki: ゴースト ニューヨークの幻 (aka Ghost)
#23 (15.03.2005)
Info Guest:

Recommended entertainment:
"Helpful entertainment to create a beautiful interior decoration?"
Yaguchi: のび太の結婚前夜 /ザ☆ドラえもんズ おかしなお菓子なオカシナナ? /ドラミちゃん アララ・少年山賊団
Haruki: ハート・オブ・ウーマン (aka What Women Want)
#24 (22.03.2005)
Info Guests:
ダチョウ倶楽部 (Comedian trio)
久木田薫 (Cellist)

Recommended entertainment:
"Helpful entertainment to learn to give better gifts?"
Yaguchi: Pretty Woman
Haruki: Nikita
#25 (29.03.2005)
Info Guests:
斉田直世 (Illustrator)

Recommended entertainment:
"Who is your favorite child actor?"
Yaguchi: The Addams Family [Christina Ricci]
Haruki: I Am Sam, マイ・ボディガード (aka Man on Fire) [Dakota Fanning]
#26 (05.04.2005)
Info Guests:
ならはしみき (Voice actor)
藤原啓治 (Voice actor)

Crayon Shin-chan dubbing.
Improvised character interview.

Recommended entertainment:
"Any good information about buying cds based on the jacket?"
See trough! Fake-cd!! -game.
#27 (12.04.2005)
Info Guest:
石田卓也 (Clay animator, illustrator)

Recommended entertainment:
"Tell me about love stories that depict a love by a meeting of chance?"
Yaguchi: きみに読む物語 (aka The Notebook)
Haruki: Romeo + Juliet
#28 (19.04.2005)
Info Guests:
秋山忠彌 (Unagi senryuu judge)
八代亜紀 (Singer)

Recommended entertainment:
Lightning in a Bottle
#29 (26.04.2005)
Info Guest:
中たつや (Magician)

#30 (03.05.2005)
Info Guest:

Recommended entertainment:
"Tell me entertainment to make friends quickly."
Yaguchi: Chorus
Haruki: 友へ チング (aka Chingoo)
#31 (10.05.2005)
Info Guest:
田中里佳 (Actress, stuntwoman)

Recommended entertainment:
"What do you listen when you want to cry."
Yaguchi: 「青春の輝き」 カーペンターズ
Haruki: 「土曜だ!ぴょん」 劇団ひとり
#32 (17.05.2005)
Info Recommended entertainment:
"My boyfriend had an affair. Tell me if there's any entertainment to understand men who cheat."
Yaguchi: 24 -TWENTY FOUR-
Haruki: 恋はデジャ・ブ (aka Groundhog Day)
"Gun-action movies."
Yaguchi: Terminator 2
Haruki: Desperado
Gun Survivor 3 Dino Crisis (PS2 game)
#33 (24.05.2005)
Info Guests:
渡辺いっけい (Actor)
Nido (Research Institute of Movement Science Senior Research Scientist)

Recommended entertainment:
"Tell me entertainment to enjoy the ocean at home."
Haruki: 潮風のいたずら (aka Overboard)
#34 (31.05.2005)
Info Guests:
中村聡延 (Patent attorney)
JAGUAR (Rock musician)

#35 (07.06.2005)
Info Guest:

Hollywood star interview:
Hilary Swank [Million Dollar Baby]
Morgan Freeman [Million Dollar Baby]

#36 (14.06.2005)
Info Guests:
麻宮美果 (Actress)
堀江慶 (Director)

#37 (21.06.2005)
Info Guests:
サンキュー手塚 (Street performer)
HIROSHI (Piano master)

Recommended entertainment:
"Entertainment to make a child like the piano?"
Yaguchi: 海の上のピアニスト (aka The Legend of 1900)
Haruki: 戦場のピアニスト (aka The Pianist)
Yaguchi: Danny the Dog
Haruki: Captain Corelli's Mandolin
#38 (28.06.2005)
Info Guests:
MAKO (Voice actress)
森永理科 (Voice actress)
峯香織 (Voice actress)
伊藤佑介 (Kendama master)

#39 (05.07.2005)
Info Guest:
オールブラックス (Street performer group)

#40 (12.07.2005)
Info Guest:

Fake-cd game.
#41 (19.07.2005)
Info Guest:
久木田薫 (Cellist)

#42 (26.07.2005)
Info Guests:
武永実花 (Salsa dancer)
ジョージ渡部 (Salsa dancer)

Ghost story senryuu.
#43 (02.08.2005)
Info Guests:
さいきあさ (Fortune teller idol)

Recommended entertainment:
"I don't like my own voice."
Person with a voice that Yaguchi likes: トータス松本
Person with a voice that Haruki likes: Ewan McGregor [Moulin Rouge]
Person with a voice that Haruki likes: 南野陽子
#44 (09.08.2005)
Info Guests:
キタイシンイチロウ (Art director)
林和貴 (Chef)

Recommended entertainment:
"Movies that have made you want to eat the food that appears in them?"
Yaguchi: Amelie
Haruki: チャップリンの黄金狂時代 (aka The Gold Rush)
Haruki: シュリ (aka Swiri/Shiri)
#45 (16.08.2005)
Info Guests:
神尾守 (Othello league member, 3 dan)
坂詰真二 (Sports & Science leader)

Recommended entertainment:
"Favorite sports movies?"
Yaguchi: Coach Carter
Haruki: Rocky
#46 (23.08.2005)
Info Guests:
住友優子 (Narrator, voice actress)
魔法戦隊マジレンジャー [魔法戦隊マジレンジャー THE MOVIE インフェルシアの花嫁]

#47 (30.08.2005)
Info Guest:
細川茂樹 [仮面ライダー響鬼と7人の戦鬼]

#48 (05.09.2005)
Info Guests:
勝野洋 (Actor) [Life on the Longboard]
大多月乃 (Actress) [Life on the Longboard]
ウェイウェイ・ウー (Erhu player)

#49 (13.09.2005)
Info Guests:
水川あさみ (Actress) [深紅]
中西しほり (Cuisine scholar) [しほりんの かんたん!カワイイ!こどものお弁当]

#50 (20.09.2005)
Info Guests:
ムロツヨシ (Actor) [サマータイムマシンブルース]
川岡大次郎 (Actor) [サマータイムマシンブルース]
真島茂樹 (Dancer / Choreographer)

#51 (27.09.2005)
Info Guest:

Hollywood star interview:
Johnny Depp [Charlie and the Chocolate Factory]

#52 (04.10.2005)
Info Guests:
臼井一夫 (Hula-Hoop "expert")
金子あづさ (Hula-Hoop instructor)

#53 (11.10.2005)
Info Guests:
中西しほり (Cuisine scholar) [しほりんの かんたん楽しい おやつパーティクッキング]
鈴木伴英 (from Japanese Steel Drum Association)
落合真里 (from Steel drum band Pantasia)

#54 (18.10.2005)
Info Guests:
臼井一夫 (Rubic's Cube "expert")
林祐樹 (Rubic's Cube Japanese champion)

#55 (25.10.2005)
Info Guest:
中田裕二 (椿屋四重奏 Vo./Gt.)

Recommended entertainment:
"Tell me thrilling deadline movies."
Yaguchi: The Life of David Gale
Haruki: サマータイムマシンブルース
Haruki: シュリ (aka Swiri/Shiri)
#56 (01.11.2005)
Info Guests:
MUH~ (Cosplay idol group)
神原泰三 (Human health research society chairman)

#57 (08.11.2005)
Info Guests:
HANGER (Turntablist) [TAKESHIS']
森谷雄 (Producer) [Booth]

#58 (15.11.2005)
Info Guest:
臼井一夫 (Megahouse employee)

#59 (22.11.2005)
#60 (29.11.2005)
Info Guest:
HIDEBOH (Tap dancer)
#61 (06.12.2005)
Info Guest:

#62 (13.12.2005)
#63 - 1h Film Festival 2005 SP (20.12.2005)
Info Guests:
中西しほり (Cuisine scholar)
井上麻里奈 (Voice actor / Singer)

#64 (10.01.2006)
Info Guests:
和田敏克 (Animator)
勝地涼 (Actor) [銀色の髪のアギト]
大内麻由美 (Darts player)

#65 (17.01.2006)
Info Guests:
香名恵, 優佳 and 更代 (Geishas)

#66 (24.01.2006)
Info Guest:
千田務 (Youshinkan Aikidou main doujou chief)

#67 (31.01.2006)
Info Guest:
高橋真唯 (Actress) [サイレン]

#68 (07.02.2006)
Info Guest:
山口実由紀 (Pilates instructor)

Recommended entertainment:
"Recommended mystery movies?"
Yaguchi: TRICK
Haruki: Identity
#69 (14.02.2006)
Info Guests:
ぐらーじゅ (Body percussionist group)

#70 (28.02.2006)
Info Guest:
江川達也 (Comic artist, movie director) [東京大学物語]

#71 (07.03.2006)
Info Guest:
なか。たつや (Magician)

#72 (14.03.2006)
Info Guest:
矢追純一 (Leading expert in UFO research)

Recommended entertainment:
"Recommended alien movies?"
Yaguchi: Men in Black
Haruki: Contact
Yaoi Jun-ichi: 未知との遭遇 (aka Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
#73 (21.03.2006)
Info Guest:
TIA (Singer)

#74 (28.03.2006)
Info Guest:
蒲生純一 (Actor)

#75 (04.04.2006)
Info Guest:
きたろう (Comedian)

#76 (11.04.2006)
Info Guests:
津田寛治 (Actor)
松梨智子 (Actor)
木下紀之 (Rice expert)

#77 (18.04.2006)
#78 (25.04.2006)
Info Guest:
木下紀之 (O-bentou pro)

#79 (02.05.2006)
Info Guest:
寺島咲 (Actress)

#80 (09.05.2006)
Info Guest:
DEPAPEPE (Instrumental acoustic guitar duo)

#81 (16.05.2006)
Info Guest:
木下紀之 (O-bentou pro)

#82 (23.05.2006)
Yaguchi Hitori DVD Vol.1 (14.07.2006)
Yaguchi Hitori DVD Vol.2 (14.07.2006)