さめきった街に別れを告げ 荒れ狂う刺激に身をされせ あいつの瞳は光失せた 燃え狂う心は操れない ※乱れた愛に流され おまえは全てを失った 身体貫く叫びで おまえの心溶かしてやる さびついた言葉投げ捨てて 張り裂ける心を解き放せ 降りしきる雨に背を向けて 息づく奴等に言葉はない 埋もれた時に戸惑う おまえは悪夢をさまよう 血の気狂わすノイズで おまえの心壊してやる ★X 感じてみろ X 叫んで見ろ X 全て脱ぎ捨てろ X 感じてみろ X 叫んで見ろ X 心燃やせ ★ Repeat ※ Repeat ★ Repeat
English Translation
Bid farewell to the ice-cold city Expose yourself to turbulent thrills His/Her eyes have lost their light You cannot manipulate a wildly burning heart ※Swept away by licentious love You have lost everything you had With a shout that'll pierce your body We'll melt down your heart! Throw away rusty words Set free your bursting heart There's nothing to say to those who live With their backs turned to the driving rain Bewildered at buried time You wander about in a nightmare With noise that'll drive you insane We'll destroy your heart! ★ X Feel it! X Shout it! X Throw away everything! X Feel it! X Shout it! X Set your heart on fire! ★ Repeat ※ Repeat ★ Repeat