わかりきった明日におびえる Break Free! 火の消えた心の壁破れずに Crash You! おまえは求めているんだろう 熱く燃え上がる Sexual Organ 身体に布切れ装っても しびれる夜こないぜ Ohー うぬぼれたあいつに縛られ Break Free! 身体を駆け巡る血が叫ぶ Clash You! 乾いた唇求めてる 熱く飛び散る White Semen かすれた声を呻いても 天国へ行けないぜ ★Get to オルガスム Get to オルガスム 身体溶かせ Get to オルガスム Get to オルガスム 深く突きさせ ★Repeat
English Translation
Afraid of the obvious tomorrow Break Free! With the wall in your fireless heart unbroken Crash You! You want it, don't you? A hot burning sexual organ Keep covering your body with pieces of cloth And a tingling night won't arrive Oh— Binded by that vain you-know-who Break Free! The blood coursing through your body screams Clash You! Your dry lips want for Hot scattering white semen If you moan in hoarse voice You can't get to heaven ★Get to orgasm Get to orgasm Melt your body Get to orgasm Get to orgasm Thrust in deep ★Repeat