どしゃぶりの雨の中で傘もささずに佇んでいる シャレたドラマの様に すべてを洗い流して 君の香りも記憶さえもうるんだ瞳も SHINING 夜を色どる ILLUMINATION 冷たい雨に打たれ 君が残したサヨナラがこの胸にしみる ※このごろ思うよ 君の微笑みは 数知れない時に 光りをくれた 今はもう遠く 戻れないけれど あなたに出会えた喜びは今も感じているよ IN THE RAIN MY LOVE FOR YOU GROWS 引き出しの中 置き忘れた ダイアリーが伝える 君の気持ちも わからずに 夜をはしゃいでた もしもまたいつか やり直せるなら 二人もっとうまく 暮らせるだろう 今はもう遠く 戻れないけれど 傷跡は足りない何かを胸に刻み込んだ ※ REPEAT HEY,DON'T YOU KNOW?
English Translation
I stand in the driving rain, without putting up an umbrella—just like in some stylish drama It washes away everything: your fragrance, even my memories of you and the tears from my moist eyes too The shining illumination that colors the night is being struck by cold rain The good-bye that you left me is aching deep in my heart ※Now that I think of it, your smile Gave me light countless times Though it's now far away and won't return I still feel the joy of having met you In the rain my love for you grows A diary forgotten inside a drawer tells how Unaware of your feelings, I was having fun in the night If I could start over again one day The two of us would get along much better Though it's now far away and won't return Something that lacks scars has been engraved into my heart ※ REPEAT Hey, don't you know?