胸のノイズ消して ため息を殺して 傷だらけの MY HEART その胸でいやしてくれ 時は過ぎて行く 切なさを残して 迷い込んだ迷路 繰り返す毎日に もっと毒を盛れ 空回りする思いが 今俺の胸を刺す PLEASE KISS ME 乾いた唇と色あせてる夢に口づけて 錆び付いたモーション 抱き合うたびに思うよ CAN YOU FEEL ME? DO YOU BELIEVE ME? 求めないでそんなつくり笑いさえ出来ない 泣きだしそうな夜だから ※I'm in a Broken Mirror 明日さえ見えなくて Lost in a Broken Mirror 膝を抱えているよ I'm in a Broken Mirror その鎖解いて 破裂しそうなフラストレーション ひび割れたまま ※※MAY BE BLUE 冷たい風に吹かれながら 願いを胸に抱きしめて 叫び続けている 何処へ行けば 何をすれば 見つけ出せるのだろう 凍えそうなこの街の中で ※Repeat ※※Repeat * この涙の数だけ いつか笑えるはずさ * Ah BELIEVE... この涙の数だけ いつか笑えるはずさ BELIEVING IN MYSELF 過ぎた昨日に 別れを告げて さあ 飛び立とう BELIEVING IN THE SKY
English Translation
Kill my sighs and the noises in my heart by Letting me heal my heart full of scars against your chest Time passes by, leaving behind sorrow I've wandereded into a maze Serve more poison to the repeating days My feelings that run in circles now stab me in the heart Please kiss me, kiss my dry lips and my fading dreams Rusted motion, every time we embrace each other I think: Can you feel me? Do you believe me? Surely you can't want me, I can't even force a smile Because the night makes me want to burst into tears ※I'm in a Broken Mirror, can't even see tomorrow Lost in a Broken Mirror, I'm holding my knees I'm in a Broken Mirror, unfasten those chains The frustration about to burst remains cracked ※※May be blue, as the cold wind blows I hold the prayer in my heart and continue shouting Where should I go? What should I do? In order to find it In this city cold as ice ※ Repeat ※※ Repeat Someday I can surely laugh just as much as I've shed tears Ah believe... Someday I can surely laugh just as much as I've shed tears Believing in myself Let's say good-bye to the yesterday gone by and, come, let's fly away Believing in the sky