沈む夕陽に影踏みしてる 理由(わけ)はいらない どこまでも君と やけに時が 冷たくこの身を刺すけど Your love この胸に抱きしめていたい All your love 溢れるほど Your love 感じてたい 言葉は要らない 瞳をかさねているだけで… for love 叫びたい程 (おまえ)を求め だけど同じ程 照れ臭くてごめん 振り向くたびに 君は側にいてくれたね Your love 今ここに変わらぬ笑顔が あることに気づいた My love 君のために 何も無いけれど この歌に刻み届けよう… for love 愛は彼方へ 愛は希望へ 続くから
English Translation
Playing shadow tag (1) under the setting evening sun I don't need any reasons, I'll go anywhere with you Although time stings My body really coldly Your love, I want to cherish it in my heart All your love, so much it's brimming over Your love, I want to feel it, words aren't needed Just staring into your eyes... for love I want you so badly it makes me want to scream But it also makes me just as awkward, sorry Every time I turned around You were there for me Your love, I realized that now Here I have an unchanging smile My love for you, although I have nothing I'll engrave it into this song and send it to you... for love Love will lead to the distant future, love will lead to hope