自分勝手で自分本意で 何から何まで1人で決めて 大切なこと気づかないままで走ってた 人の言うことは疑う事 何処かでずっと思ってた 大切なのは人を信じる勇気だって 誰からか必要とされてる 自分も今必要としている 涙溢れ 君を抱いた ※向かい合わせでmakin'love そんで世界はhappy day 愛し愛されて行こう 強がってばかりじゃ疲れちまうぜ! 1人きりならlonely nights 2人きりならluckyです 過去も未来も自分も乗り越えて行けるさ smile & shining days※ 弱い自分もダメな自分も何から何まで見せ合って 互いのEMOTIONさらけ出し たまにゃへコんでも 傷を舐め合い キスをするもいい 疲れたらちょっと休めばいい 互いのreaction楽しめばもっと楽になる 1人では誰も生きられない 孤独な夜じゃ言葉も出ない 涙溢れ 君を抱いた (※くり返し) (愛を分け与えてくれた すべての人に敬意を表して 今この(うた)をメロディーに乗せて唄うよ) [気持ちの問題だよね、気持ちの] (※くり返し)
English Translation
I've decided everything selfishly and for my own motives And I've been running without realizing what's important For some reason I always thought that you mustn't believe what people say What is important is to have the courage to believe others Now, because someone needs me, I also feel myself necessary I held you with eyes filled with tears ※Makin' love facing each other, and so, the world is a happy day Let's love and be loved, just pretending to be tough is tiring! If you're alone, it's lonely nights, but if you're with someone, that's lucky You can overcome past, future and yourself smile & shining days※ We reveal our weak sides and our bad sides to each other completely And expose our emotions to each other, even if we sometimes feel depressed We lick each others wounds, and kiss, if we get tired we just rest for a while By enjoying each other's reactions, we'll feel more at ease No one can live alone, on those lonely nights no words will come out I held you with eyes filled with tears (※ Repeat) (I sing this song with this melody Out of respect for all those people who share out love) [It's up to your feelings, really] (※ Repeat)