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Artist: 陰陽座    Title: 愚者、己の夢を語る
The title 愚者、己の夢を語る means "Fools, Talking About Their Dreams".

The title of the CD, "金烏玉兎集" (kin'u-gyokuto-shū) is the name of a book about the secrets of the Onmyōdō, said to be compiled by Abe no Seimei. The title literally means "The Three Legged Crow in The Sun and The Rabbit Living in The Moon Collection", and not so literally "Sun and Moon Collection". ~火の巻~ means "Fire volume".

This track is a recording of a conversation at some live show. I've made the transcript myself.

(1) From the song "my graduation" by SPEED
(2) A member of SPEED
(3) L'Arc~en~Ciel is a quartet
邦字English Translation
黒猫:斗羅君、そうそう、あのね、あのー、何か最近いいことあった? Kuroneko: Oh right, Tora, umm, anything good happened lately?
斗羅:最近ね、夢見たんや・・・またや Tora: Lately... I saw a dream... again.
黒猫:またや! Kuroneko: Again!
斗羅:もはや夢コーナー Tora: This is the section about dreams.
黒猫:もう、もはやコーナーとなりつつある夢。 Kuroneko: This is apparently becoming a section about dreams.
大阪の方は御存じですけど、斗羅君、変な夢ばっか見るんですよね。 Those from Oosaka probably know that Tora has these weird dreams.
ほんと、変な夢ばっか見んの。あの、今回どんな夢見たんですか? Really weird dreams. What kind of a dream did you see this time?
斗羅:今回はね・・・あんますごくないかも知れない。 Tora: This time I... This probably isn't all that great.
あのね、僕ね、夢の中で、ぱそ(?)って狩姦みたいな髪型になってんのよ。 Umm, In the dream I had a hairstyle like Karukan.
黒猫:これこれこれこれ Kuroneko: This, this, this.
斗羅:こんななぁ、こんなんなってて。で、俺SPEEDのメンバー! Tora: Yeah, like that. And also, I was a member in SPEED!
黒猫:えっ!?SPEEDってあの、あのSPEED? Kuroneko: Huh!? By SPEED you mean that SPEED?
斗羅:そうそうそう。黒いスーツ着てな、ほんでな、 Tora: Yeah, yeah. I was dressed in a black suit,
「ずっと忘れない 離れても~♪」めちゃめちゃ熱唱してんねん。 and I was singing really enthusiastically "I'll never forget, even if we're separated~". (1)
黒猫:歌ってる、歌ってる! Kuroneko: You're singing!
斗羅:なーんか知らんねんけども。 Tora: Don't really know why.
うーんでなんか「3月の末で解散だし、頑張らなくちゃ!」ってすごいな、 And so I'm like "The breakup is at the end of March, I've gotta do my best!",
俺頑張ってんのよ。 I was really working hard.
黒猫:すごい。それはさあ、SPEEDってさ、四人だっけ? Kuroneko: Wow. Say, SPEED was quartet, right?
斗羅:四人やね。 Tora: Yeah, a quartet.
黒猫:四人の内の一人になってたのか? Kuroneko: So you were one of the four?
新たなメンバーとして加入してたのか? Or were you a new member?
斗羅:分からへんねんけど、 Tora: I'm not quite sure.
パーッて眺めたらSPEEDが四人おったから・・・ When I looked over, there were the four from SPEED, so...
黒猫:四人いたのか? Kuroneko: The four were there?
斗羅:多分五人になってんねん。 Tora: I think that I was the fifth member.
黒猫:それはすごいね。へ〜 Kuroneko: That's something. Hmm...
斗羅:そうそう、SPEED+斗羅。 Tora: Yeah, yeah. SPEED + Tora.
黒猫:SPEED+・・・あっ!SPEEDの四人の中に、あ、 Kuroneko: SPEED +... Oh! So it was that among the four—
五人の中に斗羅っていうメンバーがいるって事になってる? five members of SPEED, there was a member named Tora?
斗羅:そうそうそう Tora: That's it.
黒猫:びっくりした、 Kuroneko: That was a surprise.
あたしはまたHITOEちゃんか何かになってたのかと思ったよ。違うのね。 I thought that you had become HITOE-chan(2) or something like that again. So it wasn't like that?
斗羅:それ笑うとこなんか!?それは笑うところか? Tora: And why is that so funny?! Why's that so funny?
黒猫:それは誰や?まあいいや。ほえぇ~? Kuroneko: And who's that supposed to be? Oh well.
すごかねー。瞬火さんどうですか? Ain't that nice. How about you Matatabi?
瞬火:何がどうですか? Matatabi: How about what?
黒猫:SPEEDのメンバーになってみたい? Kuroneko: Would you like to become a member of SPEED?
瞬火:いや、どうなんでしょう?それ。その振りはどうなんですか? Matatabi: Well, I dunno. I dunno about that question.
それは怖いと思いますよ。 I think that it would be scary.
斗羅:でも瞬火君あれよね、L'Arc~en~Cielのメンバーだとか Tora: But Matatabi, weren't you... a member of L'Arc~en~Ciel?
瞬火:あ、僕はL'Arc~en~Cielのメンバーになって六人目のメンバーになって、 Matatabi: Oh yes, I was a member of L'Arc~en~Ciel—the sixth member of L'Arc~en~Ciel.
僕の前に既に一人増えてるんですよね。 So before me someone else had already been added.(3)
で、L'Arc~en~Cielっていうのは、 And so, L'Arc~en~Ciel was...
あの、ファンの方怒らないで下さい、夢の話ですからね。 Fans of L'Arc~en~Ciel, please don't get mad at me, this is after all just a dream.
ローラースケートを履いて、こっちからこっちにこう跳んだりしてる・・・ They were wearing roller skates and jumping from over here to over there...
そういうグループに私は居ましたね、夢の中で。 I was in such a group, in my dream.
はい、そんな事はどうでもいいとして、時間も押していることですし。 Ok, leaving those things aside, we're already behind schedule.
最後の曲になってしまいますが・・・・ This is going to be the last song...