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Artist: LORELEI    Title: Prologue
邦字English Translation
少女は今夜も繭になる夢見て眠る Tonight, the girl once again sees the dream where she turns into a cocoon
魚の瞳をした猫背の詩人が 黒い旗を掲げる夕空 The hunchbacked poet with fishlike eyes flies a black flag in the evening sky
そっと 涙をこぼす While quietly shedding tears
拍手の波が少女を夢から覚ましても Although a wave of applause wakes the girl from her dream
真っ白い顔の並ぶ客席はまるで悪夢のよう The audience is filled with waxen faces as if from a nightmare
今夜 月が出たら Tonight, when the moon comes out
猫背の詩人にお頼みなさい Go ask the hunchbacked poet
丘の上の病院の屋根で笛を吹いているから He will be playing a flute on the roof of the hilltop hospital
サーカスの小屋に別れを告げて Bid farewell to the circus tent
月の消えぬ間に お行きなさい And go now, while the moon is still out
あなたによく似た少女達が Girls that are very much like you
シャラン シャランと鈴を打ち鳴らす Ring bells, ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling
行列の一番後ろに並んで Take your place at the tail of the procession
一回だけ振り返ったら もうみんな忘れてしまうから After you have looked back just once, you will have forgotten everything
猫背の詩人を先頭に With the hunchbacked poet taking the lead
お月様の後ろを ついて歩いておゆきなさい Walk along in the rear of the Moon