総てが眠りについた午前三時 柱時計が三つ鳴いた やがてゆっくり目覚め始めるのは 命を持たぬものばかり 硝子の箱に眠る人形達の 瞳に命の燈が灯る セルロイドの指がしなやかに踊る 夜が明けるまでの魔法 光を浴びながら ステップ踏んで いつ止むことなく続く舞踏 月の舞台に影を落とし 一本足で踊れ 命の糸が切れる迄 涙を流し踊れ 無機なる者達の 夢の破片 覗いてはならない 夢の破片
English Translation
Three in the morning, when all is asleep The wall clock strikes three Those who unhurriedly start to open their eyes Are all the lifeless ones The flame of life lights up in the eyes Of the dolls that sleep in the glass box Celluloid fingers dance flexibly The spell lasts until daybreak While bathing in light they perform the dance steps The dancing goes on ceaselessly Dance, on one leg, as shadows fall on the moonlit stage Dance, in tears, until the thread of life snaps A fragment of dream for the inorganic ones A fragment of dream one must not peek at