街は謝月祭(カルナバル) 歌い踊る自動人形(ロボット)の群 ブリキの月が 降らす雨は檸檬曹達水(シトロンソーダ) 孤独病の道化師(ピエロ)はひとり屋根の上 月を見ながらハッカ煙草ふかしている 生まれる前に見た夢 白い花の夢 覗き込めば思い出す 幻燈機(マジックランタン) 機械仕掛けの 子ども達が誘う月光遊園地(ルナパーク) 月の光で 動き出した回転木馬 少年は小鳥に戻り窓辺で歌い 少女は硝子の靴を脱ぎ捨てて踊る 天象儀(プラネタリウム)の夜空は 満天の星空 ゆっくりと降り注ぐ 光の雫 夢と現の間で手を振る人影 遠い記憶の中に眠る 君の姿 鳶色の思い出が やがて動き出す そんな夢を見たくなる 夏の月光遊園地(ルナパーク)
English Translation
The carnival is in town — a group of robots sings and dances The tin moon sends down a rain of citron soda An introverted clown sits all alone on the rooftop He looks at the moon while smoking a mint cigarette The dream you saw before you were born, the dream of white flowers Take a peek into the magic lantern and you will remember The mechanical children invite you to Luna Park Powered by the moonlight, a carousel starts to spin A boy turns back into a bird and sings by the window A girl casts aside her glass shoes and dances The night sky in the planetarium is a sky full of stars With drops of light that are slowly raining down In the gap between dream and reality a silhouette waves its hand It is your figure that slumbers in a far-off memory Those dark-brown memories will eventually come alive The summery Luna Park will make you want to dream of that