破れた地図と 錆びた時計を握って 風の吹くまま 旅をする男がいた やせた馬と肩を並べて歩く その胸に 流れる歌声は いつか見たあの星へ 空を渡る鳥達に 手を振って 遠い日々を吹き抜けた 風を追って 夜には星屑のランプを灯して 樹々の子守歌に抱かれて眠るよ 空を渡る鳥達に 手を振って 彼はいつか 一陣の風になる 風は昨日から明日へと 吹いてゆく やがて廻る朝に 出会う時まで
English Translation
There once was a man who traveled where the wind took him In his hands he gripped a torn map and a rusty watch Walking shoulder to shoulder with his scrawny horse; inside his chest Flows a singing voice towards the star he saw one day Waving at the birds that cross the sky He chases the wind that has blown through innumerable days At night he lights his stardust lamp And sleeps in the embrace of the lullaby of the trees Waving at the birds that cross the sky One day he will become a gust of wind The wind blows from yesterday to tomorrow Until it meets the eventual morning