水音…さらさらと闇をなぞる様に 指先…花びらの白さに戸惑う 答えのない想いを溶かす様に 散り落ちた花びらを水に還す 道標には 沙羅の花 闇を照らして 呼んで ※流れの彼方に佇む私はただ  会えない貴方を 恋うるだけのまぼろし 月影…水底に淡く色を差し 思いは…消え惑い水面にたゆたう 此処はとても近くて遠い場所 貴方が来るのをずっとまっている 彼岸の森は 花の闇 白いめまいに 酔って ※Repeat 合いたい 合いたい どうか私を探して
English Translation
The murmur of water... as if tracing the darkness Fingertips... perplexed at the whiteness of the flower petals As if dissolving answerless thoughts I send the fallen petals back to water The flowers of the sal tree shall be your guidepost Shining in the dark, calling you ※I linger across the stream, being only An illusion that longs for you whom I cannot meet Moonbeams... faintly coloring the bottom of the river Affection... forlornly wavering, drifting on the water This is a very close yet distant place I'm always waiting for you to arrive The higan forest is shadowed by flowers (1) Feeling sick from white dizziness ※Repeat I want to, I want to see you, please come and find me