Janne Da ArcLunatic Gate
冷めた君の瞳 相変わらず無機質な宝石みたい いつもの誰にでも見せるお得意の瞳で 男を見下すくせに 上目使いがやけに上手い君は 顔の割に僕との夜を数えてたり “僕の彼女〜”と君に話し出す度 聞かないフリして 僕の口唇にかみついて来る 君をLunatic Gateまで連れていってあげる この僕以外には誰にもできない事 今夜も君をメロディアスに奏でてあげるから 何か隠してるその扉 開いてみせて 胸の開いたDress 僕が君に送るのは 着せたいからじゃない そのDressをただ淫らに脱がせたいだけ 外で会った君の 感じがいつもと何か違って見えるのは 裸じゃない君だからかもしれない 暗闇より 太陽の下の方が 似合いすぎてる君を見つめられないのはなぜ? 気がつけば 僕はラビリンスに連れさられていて いたずらな君の仕草にあやつられてる 輪郭のない憂鬱に誰か麻酔をかけて このままじゃ 僕は君から離れられなくなる つかみ所のない関係と知りながら君は 何も言わず 僕の腕で朝を迎える とりつくろう 笑顔に乾いた涙の後が ごまかすつもりなら もう少し うまく嘘をついて 一人きりの夜の方が好きだったはずなのに 気がつくと 君の感触をさがしてた 君をLunatic Gateまで連れていってあげる 何か隠してるその扉を開いてみせて
English Translation
The cold look in your eyes As always they are like cold jewels Your favorite look that you always give to everyone Though you look down on men You're really good at giving an upward glance Despite my looks, you've been spending many nights with me Everytime I start a conversation with: "My girlfriend—" You act like you didn't hear and throw yourself at my lips I'll take you with me to the Lunatic Gate No-one other than I can do it Tonight once again I'll play you melodiously And open that door where you're hiding something A dress (1) with a plunging neckline I didn't send it to you because I want you to wear it I just want to lasciviously undress that dress When I saw you outside Somehow you seemed different Maybe it's because you're not naked? Why can't I gaze at you Even though sunshine suits you so much better than darkness? Before I knew it, I was led away into a labyrinth Manipulated by your naughty gestures Somebody anesthetize the shapeless melancholy At this rate I will become inseparable from you Though you know how vague our relationship is Without a word, you greet the morning in my arms If you want to gloss over the traces of tears in your face smiling for appearances' sake Then lie a bit more convincingly I thought that I liked lonely nights But I find myself searching for your touch I'll take you with me to the Lunatic Gate And open that door where you're hiding something