SIAM SHADE members' messages to fans from Monkey Science tour book

Hello all fans!! "Thank you very much"
for always watching warmly over us.
As for me, I would like to continue,
hereafter much much closer to you,
telling you all kinds of things
through the filter of music.
For years to come,

My four-leaf clover blooms in the place
where the current rules and common sense have been overthrown.
In order to grasp it,
I'll continue to take on any solitude and trial.
LOVE & PEACE to all living things...
from Hideki

You are here and I am here.
I am here and you are here.

Put together, that is
the eternity called MONKEY SCIENCE.

Long time no see!!

I was having tough times not being able to see you in such a long time!
It's been over half a year...
During that time,
it was all filming and interviews month after month. (and also recording)
I've been impatiently waiting to meet you today.
Because I've only known you from your letters!
I try to
read them all and write responses!

Then, let's enjoy today!
Endou Kazuma

Hello. How have you been?
I am having fun everyday, all thanks to you guys.
Although, that doesn't mean that I'm satisfied with
my current self or that I have no worries.
The fact that I chose music. The fact that I met these wonderful members.
That I have been blessed with very understanding staff.
And then the fact that you guys are always warmly watching over me.
There's no end if I keep listing them, but I'm very happy.

Even if a time machine existed and you could return to the past,
I think I wouldn't get on it.
Of course I have made countless mistakes and
have often thought: "If I just had done that back then."
But I think that they all will become assets
to me and to SIAM SHADE in the future.

Lately, I really like the band name SIAM SHADE.
It means "a close shadow". "Shadows" will
eventually appear as long as there is light.
And they will always stay by your side.
Therefore, the "shadows" mean all the people involved with SIAM SHADE.
Always by your side and living together.
I think that the words SIAM SHADE have that kind of meaning.
I think that there has never been a band, that like SIAM SHADE,
has grown this much, step by step, together with all you.
Let's continue creating an enormously huge
SIAM SHADE=close shadow together.
from NATIN

Note: DAITA's "" - a wordplay on "yoroshiku" (regards). Pronounce the 'r's as 'l's and it sounds like 'yodel-ai'?