―――Special Selfish Project―――
“I met Mr. HIDEKI!!”

I get the most fan letters in our agency.
More than Southern [All Stars], Fukuyama Masaharu and CASCADE. (laughs)

E- excuse me, for taking such a big part.
I am Vicious' new recruit Kobayashi Tooru, 23 years old.
In fact, I have been a fan of SIAM SHADE since I was a student!
I forcibly made true my wish as a fan: “I'd like to talk with HIDEKI...”
I'll ask all kinds of things as a fan representative, so please forgive me.

――When you started a band, did you think: “I want to become famous, I want money, I want women”?

“Well, that was all there was, no doubt about it.”

――Apparently, the way you used money was actually more careless in the past?

“Oh yes, I didn't think at all. I thought that money would find its way to me. Because I'm quite sly too, (laughs) it somehow worked out.”

――After the hit “1/3 no junjou na kanjou”, I think that you must be making a lot more money.

“That's what you'd think, right? But actually I don't have that much money. I even owe my parents money and.... In the past I wasted much more money on clothes and having fun. To tell the truth, 10,000¥ was for me like 100¥ is now.”

――Wow, is that so?

“'(In a sneaky tone) I wonder if there are wallets where you can fit 1,000,000¥?' (laughs) Now that I think about it, that sounds really annoying.”

――Back then when you had the money, girls must have been all over you?

“Well, of course. (laughs) However, if you just focus on 'money and women', at one point you can't sing anymore. It's funny, if you want just that, then you're better off working as a male escort. But with music the scale is different, there are hundreds of thousands, millions of people. You can feel the significance that singing has and you feel the proof that you are alive.”

――A small question about 'singing', about karaoke...

“A while ago, TAKA from La'cryma (Christi) forced me to go, and I had to listen to him singing '1/3'. I thought: 'Try learning it a little better before you sing it.' (laughs)”

――(laughs) But aren't you happy that people sing your songs?

“Yeah. There was also someone singing 'Glacial (LOVE)' in the next room (at the karaoke). I thought of barging in and saying: 'I'll sing it!' (laughs)”

――Are you glad when people notice you in the city, “Ah! It's HIDEKI!”?

“That doesn't happen that often. I counted them and up to now there have been 11 who wanted to shake my hand and 3 who wanted a signature. Most of them male. (laughs)”

――Huh!? Don't you have fanatical female groupies?

“If you cross a certain line, I don't care how much a fan you are, I'll get angry. A while ago, someone said: 'I want to ask your advice' on the intercom and I answered: 'I'll come home at 2 am and I'll listen to you'... But the doorbell rang at 5! Indeed, I shouted at her in anger. I was trying to consider her place and answer personally, but with that kind of attitude...”

――Hmm.... By the way, about fan letters...

“I get the most fan letters in Amuse (their agency). More than Southern All Stars, Fukuyama Masaharu and CASCADE! Write that in big letters (laughs)”

――(laughs) And, what do they contain? Are most: “I love you HIDEKI!!”?

“There's that and then there are those you can't make light of.”

――Uh, where they ask your advice...

“Yes. They often write: 'I don't have any dreams'. But dreams are different for every person. There are those whose dream is to overcome an obstacle and take just one step and then there are those whose dream is to traverse hundreds of kilometers. That's why I think that you mustn't compare your dreams with the sizes of other people's dreams; you're better off with dreams your size. Putting it simply, it's OK if you don't have any dreams as long as you're enjoying the moment.”

――In the past you couldn't have thought like that.

“I didn't. I was so self-centered that I thought that the Earth should rotate around me. (laughs) But right now I think it's funny that there are currently people who become happy or who have been saved by the songs I've written. That's why I seriously worry about how should I write things for them to come across most clearly. So that just by looking at them once, you get the visual image and you see that they are my lyrics. ...Oh, mentioning visual images: 'overconfident hopes certainly change into reality' (1), 'the vision of certain success will certainly lead you to success.'”

――They call it positive thinking.

“Yes. A positive image is important! If you think that, 'I might fail', then you will fail. Oh, that reminds me, ...but I'm sure that you won't believe me... (while watching to see how those present react) I happened to meet an alien.”


“See, you won't believe me. (laughs) Some days ago, Yamamoto George (enka singer) was talking about having met an alien on 'Go-kigen-you' [a TV show]. So, I kept firmly thinking that, 'surely I can meet one too!', and then when I woke up the next day at 1 pm, there really was a blue-skinned alien, about this big (showing the size with his hands), dressed in silver behind my left shoulder. For some reason it was tapping the back of my head with the bottom of a wine glass. You gotta believe me! (laughs)”

――(laughs) Sure, I believe you...

“So, it says this one-liner, 'I'll turn you into a kappa', but it makes no sense so it's even funnier. I was cracking up in slow motion. Then I thought, 'I mustn't forget this!', and I frantically tried to draw a picture of the whole situation. I slept one night, and the next day, as I looked at the picture, I did think to myself: 'Did that really happen...' (laughs)”

――So which is it? (laughs)

“I'm telling the truth, I swear! The point I'm trying to say is...”

――You want to say that...!?

“That firstly, having a visual image is important! (laughs)”

(1) “過信な想いが確実に現実に変えてゆく” – There is a very similar line in the lyrics of BLACK: “過信は確信にせまり やがて確実に現実と変えて行く”

Vicious magazine (October 1998). Scans by morgianasama