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Their promising talent finally standing out.

Ever since Siam Shade appeared in Vicious Vol.7, we received many requests from our readers, so here they are again! This time we asked Chack and Daita about their ambitions for the band.

Just like they sold out their headliner show at Meguro Live Station in March, the tickets for both of the days of their headliner gigs in July were sold out in an hour. Siam Shade is gaining popularity at a tremendous speed. Considering the current chaotic state of the scene, their progress is something quite amazing. However, as for what they think about that personally: “We don't care about the number of people in the audience and things like that, we just focus on surpassing other bands with each of our performances and melodies, so we're not going to become conceited”, was the very calm answer that Daita gave.

Siam Shade perceive the situation around the band, calmly, seriously, and never becoming satisfied with the status quo. After listening to the vocalist Hideki's and the guitarist Daita's answers to this interview, it becomes apparent from everything they say that their enthusiasm for the band is something extraordinary.

“Ever since we formed a band with me, Natin and Daita in high school, I was intent on making a living with music. The truth is that we've had many hardships getting this far. But now that Kazuma has joined, Daita, who once quit, came back, and Junji became a member, it feels that we're becoming more powerful with each member change. Of course right now there is a strong sense that it is these five what makes Siam Shade, and I want to make it big with this band more than anything.” (Chack)

“There is a strong sense that we are what we are, and it's not our looks that's our selling point, but our songs; that's what why we are playing. And those songs of ours have melodious vocals and a hard sound; and also dramatic developments inside the songs. Those are the things I'd like to emphasize. Anyway, as long as we're playing as a band, doing pop songs is not our thing.” (Daita)

About a year and a half has gone by since they started calling themselves Siam Shade. “Siam Shade is the most important assembly for us right now,” they say. However, they both said that, “This must be about as big as our audiences are going to get without putting out any releases.” On the other hand, instead of covering up their real ability and gaining popularity by creating a false image of themselves with releases, advertising and publicity in magazines, that they've gotten this far just by steadily doing gigs and with the charm of their songs and performances is proof enough of their skills and potential. “We have started to think that we can now aim even higher.” There is no doubt that their dream will eventually come to fruition. Now, we'll end with this quote from Chack. “For musical compositions the thing is introduction, development, turn and conclusion. For band members, it's spring, summer, fall and winter!”... Uh... Your guess is as good as mine.

Hideki uses two four-character idioms at the end: 起承転結 and 春夏秋冬.

Vicious magazine #9 (November 1994). Scans by morgianasama