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Why are they this “amusing”?

Lately, I can't get SIAM SHADE out of my mind.
Their live shows are fun, and their CDs and playing are also very GOOD!!
Why are even their personalities this amusing!?
I went right away and met with the captivating vocalist CHACK and vocals&guitar KAZUMA.

Interview: Chiaki Misawa

――What is the meaning of SIAM SHADE?
CHACK: Well, we went to the library to find out, but that day it didn't have one. Then at night a god came to me in my sleep and said something like: “Open that dictionary to page X!” The next day I opened the dictionary and those words were standing out.

――Hmm... (laughs) ??
KAZUMA: …Let's just leave it at that.

――So it doesn't have a very deep meaning?
CHACK: Anyway, it means “a close shadow”.

――That you are all closely connected?
CHACK: (laughs) Well, you could say that!
KAZUMA: …Let's just leave it at that.

――With twin vocals, wasn't there arguing on who will sing the lead vocals?
CHACK: No, I successfully persuaded him. (laughs)
KAZUMA: This way I could also play the guitar. He can hardly play anything but the keyboard.
CHACK: (laughs) ! That's a lie.

――Er, who writes the music and lyrics?
CHACK: We two write the lyrics. The music is composed by the two of us and DAITA. Everyone brings their songs and we all arrange them together at the studio. So there are cases when they end up very different from the original.
KAZUMA: It takes time to arrange them all to the style of SIAM SHADE.
CHACK: Since we don't want to release half-baked songs, the number of our songs hasn't actually increased in about half a year.

――So because you boil the songs down that much they turn out great. I guess you concentrate on the twin vocals with the arrangements?
KAZUMA: When I first create a song I'm thinking things like: I absolutely want to sing this part.

――Do you not compete with each other?
KAZUMA: There is a good sense of competition inside the band. It serves as a good stimulus.

――There are also two guitarists.
KAZUMA: That's true. I lose on the guitar however.
CHACK: (laughs) !

――He (DAITA) is really something.
KAZUMA: He is... an otaku.

――(laughs) ! By the way, what kind of persons are all of the five members like?
CHACK: We do great when we try, but basically we're just fooling around. During live shows, I'm the one who talks the most, but normally everyone does talk quite a lot. They're just shy.

――What are their personalities like? How about KAZUMA?
CHACK: He's a tick.
KAZUMA: (laughs) !!
CHACK: A tick that evolved into a human.

――(laughs) …Are you OK with that explanation?
KAZUMA: (laughs) Yes. I think I did well evolving this far.

――How about CHACK then?
CHACK: I'm just an evolved monkey.

――In the middle of evolving?
CHACK: No, (laughs) I'm a complete human. Somehow or other!

――Is that so? How about DAITA then?
CHACK: …He evolved from a perverted old man. (everyone bursts into laughter) !!

――He seems very sincere though.
KAZUMA: Yeah, he deceives everyone with his face.

――(laughs) Oh, so that's how it is!
CHACK: You mustn't judge people by their appearance they say...

――So he's a person like that?
CHACK: (laughs) Either you're here or you lose!

――(laughs) That's true! How about NATIN?
CHACK: It's obvious if you look a picture of him, he has a big nose. For starters.

――(laughs) !! So big that it's scary?
KAZUMA: It is intimidating.
CHACK: JUNJI is very naive. What do you call it? Persecution mania?
KAZUMA: Persecution maniac.
CHACK: When we are all heading home, since he lives in the other direction, we take him into consideration and say: “We'll be taking a cab from here”. That makes him think that he's excluded from the group.
(everyone bursts into laughter) !!
CHACK: He's always driving himself into a corner. He's just like that.

――(laughs) Sounds like fun. By the way, why are your live shows that funny?
CHACK: Let's see... I guess it's our personalities, after all. (laughs) Those who are cool from the start have it good, they can just be themselves, but if we try saying something cool, we'll burst into laughter at our own words! Instead of forcibly trying to be cool like that, the reason why we could get fans without releasing records – with our live shows alone – is because there was laughter and there were tears. I think that people enjoyed the gigs that were like different waves each time. We will try to keep having such gigs, in our own special SIAM SHADE way.

――So, the comicality on the stage comes naturally?
CHACK: Yeah, those are our true colors. If we were posing, it wouldn't work out. Although everyone is posing somewhat during the live shows. Especially KAZUMA. Usually he's so vulgar that you can hardly have a normal conversation with him. (laughs) That's why I'm against him coming to sessions like this.
KAZUMA: Hahahaha!

Vicious magazine #12 (May 1995). Scans by morgianasama