The twin vocal band currently on everyone's lips is finally here!

Currently, Siam Shade is creating quite a stir as they gather fans at a tremendous rate. Praised even in the live house community as being the first band in a long while that actually deserves its popularity, we checked right away what they are all about in this article!!

A breathtaking band has appeared. In this scene where popularity and looks are valued most and real ability comes second, there is virtually no other band with the technical execution, the expressiveness of the vocals, and the quality of composition that Siam Shade possesses. Although the members themselves say that they have a long way to go when it comes to performing, it is indeed true that when it comes to ability and the expressive power of their compositions, there are many parts that are yet to blossom. However, they do inherently possess a unique style in the quality of their compositions that cannot be classified into a specific genre. It may seem that I'm overpraising them, but looking at the sudden raise in their popularity, how their doubled their audience during this half a year, and their high reputation in the live house community, you cannot say that I'm exaggerating.

As for how the band came to be, all of the members are longtime friends and had been active in different bands. The members began to come together in the band of Chack and Natin, and when the current members were present (the drummer was different), in July 1993, they changed their name and began performing as Siam Shade.

Siam Shade's distinctive feature is emphasizing the melodious vocals on the hard-edged sound that is the base. In addition, they have twin vocals — a feature not found in other bands. Indeed, the way the different personalities of Chack and Kazuma crisscross during a song is most charming, and it also creates a unique outlook in a song.

“We're still searching for our musical direction, but basically our approach is to have the melodies of the vocals the main thing. At any rate, I think that when Chack and Kazuma sing together, the music created is (automatically) something peculiar.” (DAITA)

Most of the compositions in Siam Shade are the work of Chack and Kazuma. Do you after all focus on the twin vocals when creating songs?

“We do focus on the twin vocals when creating songs. Although the balance between us isn't really carved in stone, we do take good care of who needs to sing which part.” (KAZUMA)

Their headliner concert in March was sold out. Building on that momentum, they'll headline at Meguro Live Station for two days on June 22th-23rd.

“Honestly speaking, I don't really know whats going on around us. Besides, we're just playing something we like playing. However, if it will be thought highly of by others then that's great.” (DAITA)

There still lies much more hidden potential in them. But it is certain that they are a band that will build the basis of the scene.

Vicious magazine #7 (July 1994). Scans by morgianasama