Can they crush the scene with their new fraudulent(?) tactic?

interview by Kazumi Kanoh (加納一美)

LUNA SEA's RYUICHI told me about this band. He said, “they sound pretty interesting”, and showed me their demo tape, which had a color label. They changed members in July and the current five members are: CHACK (Vo), KAZUMA (Vo & G), DAITA (G), NATIN (B) and EI (Dr). They feature twin vocals and a hard sound with a unique atmosphere. They are gathering attention with their inclusion in the omnibus video “AREA”.

――Tell us how the members came to be who they now are.
CHACK: NATIN and I were in the band since high school, and everyone kind of joined one after the other. In July we wanted to musically power up once again, so we had DAITA – who has played with us before – join.
DAITA: I played together with CHACK and NATIN for about a year.

――Why did you decide to have twin vocals?
CHACK: You know the Hot Wave band contest, right? At the 10th contest, where we performed, KAZUMA was in the band that represented Shizuoka and we represented Tokyo. We were both vocalists and that's how we met. He had his band and we had ours, but we asked if he would join us.

――So you would change to twin vocals to get him to join you?
CHACK: Yes. We got on very well from the start. For a long time we had had sessions together, half seriously, and I noticed that we harmonize pretty nicely. So it was decided that we should play together.

――Were there any musical things that you discussed when you decided to work together?
CHACK: KAZUMA's band played rock 'n' roll and we played hard rock. But firstly it was about enjoying the music. I felt that playing with KAZUMA would be fun. Lately our songs have melodies that stick in your head. We thought that since we have two vocalists, it's better to have prettier songs. That's why we've taken this direction. Since we were good rivals, now that we're in the same band we can give each other good inspiration.

――Are there any musical changes because the guitarist changed?
NATIN: We haven't yet put out any new songs since the guitarist changed, so there hasn't been much of a change...
CHACK: There has been feeling of expansion.
DAITA: I think that performance-wise there are parts that change no matter what. But basically I cherish the prior picture of the band. I'd like to get everyone used to my playing as soon as possible.

――What would you like to do next?
DAITA: I'd like to keep increasing our quality and make songs that create a unique "SIAM SHADE space" of sorts.

――What would you say is the most important point in composing songs?
CHACK: It's got to be the melody. A melody that will stick in your head, or a melody that feels good to sing with two vocalists. Our sound is hard, but I aim at melodies that are impressive and feel good to sing.
EI: I'd like to create more songs where there is a kind of confrontation between the rhythm section and the melody – where the rhythm section can take the lead on the same level as the melody.

――What is the greatest point where the band is united?
CHACK: Everyone seems fake. (laughs)

――What do you mean?
EI: In every way! (laughs)
DAITA: Everyone is fooling about. (laughs) I suppose that our unity is stronger on a personal level than on a musical.
NATIN: And that unity might be fake too.

――You don't get such an impression at all from pictures or the demo tape.
CHACK: True. When I was a guest on LUNA SEA's RYUICHI's radio show a while back, I was talking seriously. So the people who came to see us live said that I was a different person on the radio. (laughs)

――And what do you mean with fooling about?
DAITA: You'd never sense that from our pictures or the record.
CHACK: That we behave according to our true character. (laughs) I do want to do cool stuff when it comes to the music. But if I try to say something cool between songs I feel like I'm going to burst out laughing. (laughs) You want to have fun with the audience during concerts after all.

――What is the ideal band like for SIAM SHADE?
CHACK: I'd like to become big in a good way.
EI: Such that it will make people want to start a band like SIAM SHADE.

――Would you each give some last comment.
CHACK: Please come see us live.
DAITA: I think you will enjoy the gap also. Listen to our songs on the tape and inflate your expectations. Then come see us live and laugh. (laughs) I think you will realize what we mean with fake. (laughs)
EI: Feel the true meaning of the new concept (laughs), “cheating”, that SIAM SHADE has come up with.
NATIN: Our music shouldn't be too delicate-sounding for men to listen to. I'd like us to become a band that appeals to men too.
EI: That's a pretty important concept to have.
NATIN: Concept!? Not really.
EI: Consent! (laughs)

Fool's Mate magazine #145 (November 1993). Scans by morgianasama