Their long-awaited first album is complete

I would suggest that everyone pays close attention to Siam Shade from now on. They have already been quietly drawing attention with feats like suddenly selling out their two day headliner live show at Meguro Live Station without any extensive advertising. Their sound being hard in general, they are also armed with beautiful melodies and skillful chorus work. What's more, they are a departure from the so-called “japameta” style and while their song melodies are catchy, you can't quite call them pop... It would seem that their sound is an amalgam of different musical elements. And now their long-awaited first album is finally complete. Its release date is 10th December. Despite the widely recognized quality of their live playing and their compositions, all the official releases they had were their independent demo tape (currently unavailable), one song on the omnibus album Emergency Express '94 and a two-track single CD which was distributed free of charge. As their fans were getting impatient, you could say that this release came just at the right time. Am I praising them too much? If you think so, then please give them a listen. We'll have the members themselves talk about the details of the album in the next issue.

Fool's Mate magazine #158 (December 1994). Scans by morgianasama