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〜Favorite Artists〜
Jeff Beck / John Sykes / Dimeback Darrell / Metallica / Helloween / Audioslave

Q. Well then, Mr. KEITA, there's only a little time left before your two days at Shinjuku Loft!! In the interview before, you said that you might play the guitar. How have you prepared?
A. I haven't done much that you could really call preparing. (laughs) However, to make sure that fingers will move properly during the rehearsals and performances, lately I have been playing a lot, like back when I was a student.

Q. What kind of set-up do you have, and what is the sound you're aiming for?
A. As for the equipment, I have a few types in mind. Amps and such don't concern me much. Instead, I think that the ensemble of the band is important, so I'll decide things based on the rehearsals.

Q. The FUJIGEN FL model that you use was covered in the magazine GIGS. Please tell us about this model.
A. I like both the looks and sound of the FL. I have developed quite an attachment to it. (laughs) I currently own two FLs and what I can say about both of them is that I really appreciate how straight their necks are. As for the sound, I feel that the characteristics of the wood can be heard properly. The hard maple top one that I first picked up at the store has a tight, full sound. The quilted maple top one that I ordered the other day instead has a bit deeper sound. Because the joint part is very slim, playing on the higher frets is very easy. But because I have shorter fingers than your average female, in the future, I would like to have an FL with an even slimmer neck. (wry smile)

Q. Then that means that there might be a KEITA model in the future! Please tell us about any big differences compared with guitars that you have used before, and what other good points it has.
A. Before I met the FL, I used a Gibson Les Paul as my main guitar. Compared to the FL, it required quite a bit more looking after. (laughs) The neck had to be fixed relatively often, and there where often problems when I was using it with the stock wiring. In that sense the FL is a reliable kid. The sound is more modern compared to my Les Paul, but there is no right or wrong with the sound of course.

Q. Then please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to the concerts.
A. This time I talked a lot about guitars, but my role in BINECKS is the vocalist. (laughs) If by a chance my guitar won't appear this time, please don't cheer. (wry smile) In any case, since this is our first long-awaited concert since June, I too am quite excited! Anyway, leave the quibbling home and let's hustle!


2007.11.27 & 28 BINECKS LIVE, both days filled to overflowing!!

The first day, KEITA appeared with a FUJIGEN FL for the first song "Distorted Minds"!

Playing the riff, he excited the audience with an electric performance.

"Distorted Minds" has been indispensable on the set menu since KEITA's first appearance at 2007.1.15 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO DIRECT MANIA. However, this was the first time it had twin guitars.

At that powerful rate we approached the end!! The best part was the twin guitars of "Deep Pressure"!!

The audience had already turned into a melting pot of excitement. On the top of all that excitement, this song is very dangerous.

Is the deafening roar, that sounds like the rumbling of the ground, the shout from the headbanging of the audience!?

The contrasts of the harshness of the band's performance and the careful set list of the modulated course of the concert can be summed with the one word: wonderful.

The next tour will start at the end of January. It seems that they will return with even more power.

KEITA's growth with each concert gives the premonition of a supernova monster. (1)

We're expecting further progress next year!!

(1) Supernova(超新星) is literally translated "super new star".